about the founder, naana kittoe-manful

Born in Winneba, Ghana, the 6th child and the eldest daughter of 11 children, Naana Kittoe (pictured above on the right) grew up in a culture immersed in the traditions of her clan and continent. She left her home to pursue her dreams of becoming a wife, mother and successful businesswoman in America. She never forgot her roots and her heart remained devoted to Africa and those she loved. Naana experienced severe hardship, which at one point left her in personal despair; homeless and hungry. But, by the compassion and mercy of God, she found the voice thought to be silenced within her. This was a voice of hope. The voice of change. In response, she sold her personal possessions and out of the proceeds, was born Obaatan.  A ministry seeking to nurture, educate and empower.


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Photographers: Linda Ruth Paskell / Brian Branch Price